Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Informatica Real time Interview Questions



Hi readers. These are the questions which normally i would expect by interviewee to know when i sit in panel. So what i would request my reader’s to start posting your answers to this questions in the discussion forum under informatica technical interview guidance tag and i’ll review them and only valid answers will be kept and rest will be deleted.

  1. Explain your Project?
  2. What are your Daily routines?
  3. How many mapping have you created all together in your project?
  4. In which account does your Project Fall?
  5. What is your Reporting Hierarchy?
  6. How many Complex Mapping’s have you created? Could you please me the situation for which you have developed that Complex mapping?
  7. What is your Involvement in Performance tuning of your Project?
  8. What is the Schema of your Project? And why did you opt for that particular schema?
  9. What are your Roles in this project?
  10. Can I have one situation which you have adopted by which performance has improved dramatically?
  11. Where you Involved in more than two projects simultaneously?
  12. Do you have any experience in the Production support?
  13. What kinds of Testing have you done on your Project (Unit or Integration or System or UAT)? And Enhancement’s were done after testing?
  14. How many Dimension Table are there in your Project and how are they linked to the fact table?
  15. How do we do the Fact Load?
  16. How did you implement CDC in your project?
  17. How does your Mapping in File to Load look like?
  18. How does your Mapping in Load to Stage look like?
  19. How does your Mapping in Stage to ODS look like?
  20. What is the size of your Data warehouse?
  21. What is your Daily feed size and weekly feed size?
  22. Which Approach (Top down or Bottom Up) was used in building your project?
  23. How do you access your source’s (are they Flat files or Relational)?
  24. Have you developed any Stored Procedure or triggers in this project? How did you use them and in which situation?
  25. Did your Project go live? What are the issues that you have faced while moving your project from the Test Environment to the Production Environment?
  26. What is the biggest Challenge that you encountered in this project?
  27. What is the scheduler tool you have used in this project? How did you schedule jobs using it?

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